Parent Testimonials

The way today's open house was conducted in such a humble way by Matharoo sir is commendable.

I haven't seen any chairperson be so transparent with parents about every matter. He listened patiently to every concern . He is a visionary and a progressive person . His vision n our strength can totally change the coming years for Prudence.

Next time lets do this for our children and be present in huge numbers.

With Taarush being my first child, I was a really scared and apprehensive mother who found it difficult to make choices for her child. And since, I had no prior experience, making a choice of an educational institute was really mind boggling for me. When I selected Prudence, I was amazed to see the dedication of teachers towards their work. Being the epitome of care, affection and patience, they go out of the way to help you while ensuring that the child is well versed with all the concepts. I can’t help but marvel at the growth of my child and want to just take a moment to thank all the teachers and staff of Prudence for being so helpful and for always being there. I am really grateful.

Prudence school is one of the best schools in Delhi. It is CBSE affiliated but it’s approach towards teaching is practical. The teachers give individual attention to the students which helps the children understand better. The school also believes in a healthy Parent- Teacher relationship, hence the parents are equally involved in their ward’s education which in turn help the child perform better.

The school focuses on the overall development of the child hence it offers a video array of extra- curricular activities like yoga, skating, Taekwondo, chess, musical instruments, theatre, and much more. Healthy competitions are held every month that keep the child extremely active and updated.

The school’s academic achievement is beyond excellence making it one of the best schools of Delhi.

Being part of Prudence family gives me an immense level of satisfaction as it offers a great deal of co-scholastic activities which improve the learning experiences of students, help them identify & develop their inner talents like creative and public speaking skills, leadership qualities, unusual thinking and getting innovative ideas of their own. The co-curricular activities offered by school includes various sports, music, dance, elocution, debates and dramatics etc. which not only give a great exposure to students but also ensure their overall development.

Prudence school is far above excellence in scholastic area. Regular assignments, notes, class test help every student to enhance understanding of each topic. Moreover concepts are explained in innovative manner.

Trophies, excellence awards are also given to meritorious students to encourage them.

My two kids study at Prudence, Ashok Vihar. Our journey with Prudence school has been very satisfying always. I must say it is really commendable the way Prudence school geared up with online classes in the adversity of Covid 19 pandemic and didn't let the students miss on the academics at all. It's praiseworthy the way teachers, along with the supporting departments, took up the challenges of online teaching. Not just academics but otherwise also everything is covered up which can be taught online. Our class teacher has been very patient, cooperative and approachable throughout the session. She could be reached whenever required. Kudos to the entire management and team!

I am Charvi Sharma, mother of Ishita Sharma of Class IX-K for whom you are taking English subject.

An opportunity to thank anybody is a grateful moment. But getting an opportunity to thank a teacher is more like a blessing.

I'm writing this mail to thank you for all your efforts invested in my daughter in this academic year which has not only led to an increase in her subject knowledge but have also enabled her to be a better person. I can't express my gratitude towards you in just a few words. You have ensured inculcation and learning of all the necessary aspects of the subject inspite of the challenging year we faced due to COVID pandemic and the methodologies and processes you have adapted for accomplishment of this objective are just exceptional and beyond commendable.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the complete school management for all their splendid endeavors which have assured my daughter’s and other student’s academics as well as overall development inspite of the challenging times inflicted upon all of us last year.

You are not just a teacher to her but a mentor as well.

I hope she will make you proud one day.

Prudence school , one of Delhi's best schools , is a great platform for students . Academic performance has been improved & satisfactory . Rules & regulations are strictly followed by students & teachers. Extra curriculars like sports ,dance ,festive events etc enhance students sporting skills be it in dance or music...We have great experience with the school teachers, students learn with enthusiasm and we are very content with functioning of whole school , be it management department or academic or extracurricular .

Thanks to all the teachers for their unconditional support for teaching our kids & giving their best to brighten our kids future.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the efforts you are putting in to help children prepare for the Board exams. I am quite satisfied with the way Somya is progressing.

Despite the difficult circumstances the school management and all the teachers have put in their best. Regular online classes have really helped kids in covering the syllabus.

My Sincere Regards to the entire team of Prudence.