About Chairman


Chairman, Prudence Schools

Shri G.S. Matharoo, Chairman, PRUDENCE School, has galvanized the field of Secondary education in the country through his dynamic and visionary leadership.

Shri Matharoo, a former Civil Servant, joined the Education Sector 10 years back carrying a passion for creating a new paradigm in Secondary education. Convinced that Teaching and Learning are highly dynamic, he realized that teaching should be focused on the learner so as to enhance and develop each person's strength and passion. During the past decade he has successfully delivered a responsive model of teaching and learning that is highly relevant and challenges students, parents, and teachers to work and think outside the traditional mind set. He has successfully delivered inter alia - attainment based learning; performance-based learning; and Teacher as coach/facilitator.

Shri G.S. Matharoo has challenged conventional wisdom to pioneer dynamic and far reaching changes through a determined focus on the holistic development of each student. He has infused academic rigor by providing individualized support to each student, creating systems that embrace and engage the students and furnished them with the necessary information, tools and facilities at every point.

Shri G.S. Matharoo is an educationist par excellence who is prepared to thrive and willing to make a difference.