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Road Safety Awareness for Teachers and...

“नज़र हटी दुर्घटना घटी”Safety is a state of mind and acciden...

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Activity on Mango Bonanza (Nur - G3)

The only thing we love about summers is MANGOES..The very thought of mango gets water into our mouth...

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Achievement Galore - Kartikeya Goel (G11)

Kartikeya Goel (G11) represented India in the 3rd Global I-Karate World championship held in Dublin ...

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Assembly on Labour Day (G5 - G7)

'It is rightly said that ‘No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labour’.To ho...

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Celebrations of World Dance Day (Nursery -...

"Dance is a form of expression, a way of speaking one’s mind through music."A special event was or...

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A very good school with great teachers. Best place to study where it is beived that education is not only in books but also in various activities


Experiential learning, dedicated staff, beautiful infrastructure and friendly atmosphere

Rakhi Dahiya

One of the few schools that provides quality education along with a strong focus on extra curricular activities. Highly recommended!

Sudarshan Maru