Dussehra Assembly (Nursery - Prep)

‘Good always wins over evil.'

Dussehra symbolises the conquest of good over evil. It is thus considered as an auspicious day. It reminds people of the fact that truth always wins and one should follow the path of dharma. 
Classes Nursery and Prep conducted a special assembly on the vivacious festival of Dussehra. The assembly began with sharing about the significance of Dussehra and how it is celebrated in India. Our young learners performed a small skit which gave a rendition of a few scenes from Ramayana.
The children were beautifully dressed in vibrant costumes. They confidently delivered their dialogues. The audience thoroughly enjoyed their small depiction from the great story of Lord Rama. 
Summing up, the event was a learning experience for all about our rich Indian culture and values.